Every time the earth shrinks under my feet,
I widen it with a wing of a swallow bird

Roua Jafar

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Rent or buy artworks for a reasonable price. The client can choose to rent an artwork for a period of 3 months or longer, with an option to buy.

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Think creatively, critically, independently. Use art to create the opportunity for dialogue. Learn how to look carefully at works of art and discuss your observations as a group.

Workshop Arabic Calligraphy

Mr. Maher Mohamed Lakmoush, graduate of Mechanical Engineering, Visual Arts and Islamic Studies, offers an extensive workshop on the history, beauty and meaning of Arabic calligraphy…


Tailor Made Fashion

New at NAO: now you can order your customized gown, made by mr. Adel Sagheer. We are so happy to work together with this very professional pattern maker, tailor and designer from Syria. Please [...]

2 days in April

A Friday and Saturday in April. Working on a lot of projects together with: Azat Serfi, Abdullah Al Ahmad, Adel Sagheer, Ramez Al Junaidy, Yazan Maksoud, Ann Cassano, Zoa Moeniralam, Gele Hailu [...]