Sonny Jermain Ndhlovu

Zimbabwe, 1986

Born Jermain Ndhlovu, he/she-her/him is a verbalist (verb-a-list – heals with words), broadcaster, journalist, dance music DJ, activist, licensed Bantu-healer and a proud Bantu based in Netherlands. A gay refugee, they also guest lecture masterclasses on Bantu History for Dutch university students. SJ speaks Ndebele (Old Zulu), Zulu, Swati, Xhosa [4 ‘Nguni’ languages spoken in South Africa up to Tanzania], English, Shona and A2 Dutch. Originating from Mthwakazi-Zimbabwe, SJ is also a proud Mutwa/Muthwa in recognition of the original inhabitants of ‘Africa,’ the Khwe-San [erroneously recorded c. 1400 as ‘Khoikhoi,’ ‘Khoi-San’ and at worst “Bushmen,” speakers of the “ugly click languages”].

The upcoming Sonny Jermain Show is a podcast on all things sex and money! With the mental health crisis being at an all-time high, SJ seeks to speak to a variety of people and find out how they tick (no pun intended) in terms Mental (Mind), Emotional (Soul) and Physical (Body) health.

Abantu! (power to the people).