Enter – The HUB A’dam 

Enter to Transform aims to set up a supportive structure for recognized refugees with entrepreneurial experience and ambitions. It’s a transnational project in Ireland, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. In each country a physical and/or virtual Hub will be established, maintaining a border-crossing network of knowledge and opportunity for exchange.

Next to that, we work to increase the guidance capacity of existing initiatives already acting towards fostering entrepreneurship; both those with newcomers specifically as a target group, as the ones that act for a broader target group.  

Enter: the HUB – Vision 

Currently, there are already many different resources available to aspiring entrepreneurs in the Netherlands; such as short- and long-term entrepreneurship training, incubators and accelerators. Yet newcomers with entrepreneurial aspirations often face additional or different challenges to those that have been in their home country longer. Information, networks and opportunities are usually not equally accessible. 

There is also entrepreneurship training focused on newcomers. However, circumstances often force support programs to focus on the survival of their own organisation, which leads us to compete for funding, and for clients. 

Our goal is to work towards a strong network that fosters knowledge exchange and collaboration, for the benefit of newcomers as well as for support programs.

Following a human-centred design method, the Hub takes shape in accordance with its members’ input. With the foundational principles: to be a place with open doors for those that wish to start a business. Where listening and learning goes both ways. Where individual needs are honoured and contribute to systems that benefit the people, not the other way around. 


Enter: the HUB – Values

We’re currently offering the following HUB activities. 

Signposting newcomers to existing programs

We want to strengthen the current landscape, by creating a tight network of relevant organisations, businesses and actors. This way we’ll be able to connect our members to existing initiatives that offer proven entrepreneurship training or can provide other stepping stones to the individual entrepreneurship journey. 

14-week course on creative entrepreneurship

Enter: The HUB presents a new course for creative entrepreneurs. An exciting journey for you with ambitions in arts & culture. 

Together, we’ll go through explorative sessions to uncover where you’re at, where you want to take your creative expression next & how to grow as an entrepreneur. 

This takes place through different phases: from exploration & market research, to prototyping, developing a business model to support your creative expression – ending in a collaborative event to showcase the work done. 

What to expect?

Increased insight – both in what you want to offer the world, as well as what the world has to offer you;

Invaluable knowledge – on the mechanisms of funding, the (local) arts & culture landscape and your own possibilities within this;

Forged connections – meet the experts and organizations in your field and beyond & build a community;

A prototyped and tested business model – to take further & form the foundation of your creative enterprise.

Know more?

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