Are you an artist, baker, hairdresser, or looking for something new in life?

Maybe you’re really good at something, and you’re ready to build a business around that skill. Or you think being self-employed is for you, but still have to figure out exactly what your business should be about.

Enter: the HUB

To all aspiring entrepreneurs: we invite you to join us and become a member of the new entrepreneurship HUB about to be launched. 

On this page you can read all about the vision & goals behind this endeavour, but in short:

The HUB aims to foster a strong network, facilitating collaboration & exchange in the entrepreneurial landscape. We strive to connect our members to existing programs, to new knowledge and insight in our own workshops & events, and to individual mentors.

What’s in it for you

  • Personal support: an individually shaped journey according to where you’re at with your business plans and your personal needs
  • Being matched with an existing entrepreneurship training (if that fits your journey)
  • Joining the HUB community: with recurring community events for exchange & networking
  • Being invited to all the HUB workshops & sessions
  • Receiving personal mentoring and/or business coaching
  • Accessing (online) resources to help you build you business

What it takes

Membership of the HUB is free. But we do expect you to come with:

  • Input: What are your specific needs for support when it comes to your business plans? What sessions could we put on the agenda that would be valuable to you?
  • Peer-to-peer: are there skills, experience or knowledge you’d like to share with the community?
  • Commitment: Can you commit to participate in a training and the sessions you’ll be invited to? Will you let us know if this is a challenge, so we can find solutions together?

How will it work?

When joining the HUB, you’ll first be invited for an initial individual conversation. Here we map where you are with your plans. Next up, you can join the first upcoming community event to meet the other members, and give us even more insight into your individual needs. From this, we’ll draw up a plan together: Is there an existing training we could connect you with? Are there particular subjects we could host a session around – that would also benefit other members?

You’ll be matched with your personal coach and, when relevant, join an existing training. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to join all the HUB community events and the supplementary workshops & sessions we’ll offer. 

In practice, this might mean that all HUB members follow their own path, yet still come together from time to time to exchange and learn collectively.

We are

Enter to Transform is organized in the Netherlands by Newest Art Organization and The World Makers Foundation. Both of these organizations have a history of working with artists, crafts(wo)men and other creatives.

Enter to Transform in NL is part of a larger, international project. There are similar activities in France, Germany and Ireland. As we develop the programs, we also look at how we can support each other and exchange knowledge and networks with the other countries. More about the project at large can be read here.

Stay informed

Right now we’re working really hard to get our calendar up and activities going. If you like to know more, follow us here and on social media. That way you’ll be the first to know when there’s news!

Look here for upcoming events.

Ready to join? Click below to become member of Enter the HUB.

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