Do you have a creative idea and looking for support turning it into a business?

Enter: the HUB

We invite you to a new course for creative entrepreneurs: a 14-week journey for you with ambitions in arts & culture. 

Together, we’ll go through explorative sessions to uncover where you’re at, where you want to take your creative expression next & how to grow as an entrepreneur. 

This takes place through different phases: from exploration & market research, to prototyping, developing a business model to support your creative expression – ending in a collaborative event to showcase the work done. 


You will walk away with:

Increased insight – both in what you want to offer the world, as well as what the world has to offer you;

Invaluable knowledge – on the mechanisms of funding, the (local) arts & culture landscape and your own possibilities within this;

Forged connections – meet the experts and organizations in your field and beyond & build a community;

A prototyped and tested business model – to take further & form the foundation of your creative enterprise.

So – do you have a creative business idea and are looking for support to make this reality? Join us now!

In detail

The course exists out of these seven blocks:

Intro: before we take off together we will get to know each other, find out where we are at and what questions and goals we have. What do we want to get out of this? How can this be a step on our path forward?

  1. Observing & research the context: In the first part of the programme we are going out. We will visit local artists, meet with funders and cultural institutions and find out how they work. We will interview the people we meet and start mapping the context we find ourselves in.
  2. Landing & grounding: This phase is all about seeing where we are at: what blocks and propels us in our professional journey? How do we deal with our inner critic? We will use embodied exercises and journaling to become aware of our deeper motivations.
  3. Research synthesis & crystallizing: Based on your new insights and knowledge of both the field and yourself, how do you move forward? What is the story of you as a person, artist, designer or entrepreneur in this new context? What is your work about?
  4. Prototyping & testing: Time to get our hands dirty. We start working on our prototypes, you will go out and test what works. Your prototype could be your pitch as an artist, your website, your product… depending on where you are at. 
  5. Artist or business model & portfolio: As a foundation to your creative enterprise, you’ll develop your business model. What is it you offer the world, and how will you do that? We will develop personas of your audience and journey maps.
  6. Event: We will create a final event (not a pitch!) together. A moment to showcase your prototype and what you have learned on this creative entrepreneurial journey. An opportunity to bring multiple tracks together: from collaborative event production to your individual showcase – and a chance to build our networks. 
  7. Reflection: What have you learned from this journey together? What is your next step and who can help you with that? What resources do we find within the group to grow an ongoing supportive community upon?


What is this about?

On this page you can read all about the vision & goals behind this endeavour, but in short:

The HUB aims to foster a strong network, facilitating collaboration & exchange in the entrepreneurial landscape. We strive to connect our members to existing programs, to new knowledge and insight in our own workshops & events, and to individual mentors.

We are

Enter to Transform is organized in the Netherlands by Newest Art Organization and The World Makers Foundation. Both of these organizations have a history of working with artists, crafts(wo)men and other creatives.

Enter to Transform in NL is part of a larger, international project. There are similar activities in France, Germany and Ireland. As we develop the programs, we also look at how we can support each other and exchange knowledge and networks with the other countries. More about the project at large can be read here.

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