Nesreen Al-Faroukh

Damascus, 1990

Nesreen has a mixed history, studied fine arts but also has a degree in alternative medicine. That may say something about her view on arts, on expression, a holistic view of what can contribute to better well-being. She loves oil paint. It has a structure that allows her to express deepest feelings for simple objects, rural scenes. Also making portraits is favorite. In this she finds new freedom, experimental ways to express herself.  “Colors lead me, without limitations in style or method. I love diversity and see a different expression of beauty in every way of painting. Classical painting may be the eye of truth, but it is the abstract lines that weave the threads of dream and beauty.” 

Nesreen likes to inspire clients to let her contribute to a real new feeling for their residential or commercial space with her works of art, including commissioned work, according to specific wishes.