Ruta Saksens Kalmane

Latvia, 1987

Since 2013 visual artist and photographer Ruta is based in the Netherlands where her practice is directed towards nature and its rich biodiversity. With an academic background in linguistics (BA and MA in English Linguistics from the University of Latvia) and having followed courses in Graphic Design of Advertisements and in Photography, Ruta followed her dream to develop herself artistically and joined the MA Photography course of the Falmouth University in early 2021.

Ruta’s attention in photography focuses on wildlife and nature subjects, seeking ways to visually represent the elements of the natural world, often highlighting arbitrary connections in nature that lead to new meanings. In her works Ruta uses digital, analogue and alternative photography techniques, often alongside other mediums, actively involving visual sense in combination with textual information, auditory and tactile senses, ensuring a more complex, enriched interaction with projects.

See also Ruta’s website.