Demir Demirov

Russia, 1983

Studied art in art college, studied at the Faculties of History and Law at the Southern Federal University (Rostov-on-Don).
The proximity to the negative influence of homophobia also became the outcome of my creative research. My impressions of the stories that can be found in Kraft, the most common paper is not able to alienate the viewer. The desire was not to influence complex colors and forms to retell the personal experience of the interlocutors, leaving this right to the viewer.

In white there is no judgment about colors, in it there is a beginning of the whole spectrum of colors, and as an allegory to the story is manifestation and final dissolution. Black color absorbs all other colors, simplifying them, and freeing up the characteristics and meanings of understanding images.

The simplicity of the canvas, the two-color sketch and symbolism expand the space of inner thoughts which leads to the dialogue without the presence of the artist.