Ahmed Mahmoud Khalaf

Ahmed Mahmoud Khalaf al-Zaidi

Iraq, 1965

I was born in Baghdad, from a working-class family, and I learned calligraphy and painting from an early age. I came across encouragement from my father and mother, God bless them.

During elementary and middle school, my work was recognized and awarded, which contributed to continuation of the arts, and I graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Baghdad in 1995.
I made ‘free’ art – abstract landscapes, and many works in the field of calligraphy, ornamentation and graphic design. Life changed from 2003, due to sectarian and tribal conflicts, due to the absence of the system and the lack of security. Until I received personal threats to cut off my hand or to be killed, by groups who falsely defamed Islam, because they considered my work as haram. A drawing style can therefore be threatening, is that what appears?