Working space for a female newcomer artist.

Studio complex Tetterode, at the Da Costakade in the centre of Amsterdam, gives space and chances to social engaged people with mostly lower income. Selfsupporting, DIY, sustainability, diversity, [sub]cultural innovation, small scale creative enterprises, solidarity, a.o. are some keywords of the union of renters.

Right now there is a room available, temporarily for one year, as a working place/ studio/ atelier to a refugee-woman. So, it is not about living space.

It could be different disciplines: writing, painting, journalism, research, photography, filming, graphic design, illustration, e.o..; the room is not okay to for example dance, music making, ceramics or wood furnishing, cook-art and noisy work, because the room is inside a living house.

The monthly rent of this space of almost 35m2, height 4,80 m and a small entresol will be around 180 euros pure rent, excluding electricity/gas/service/deposit costs [total plm. 280 euros] and will be paid directly to the union of renters.

If you know somebody that is a candidate, please let us know by sending an email to: