A big ceramic oven

NAO got a big present. A huge ceramic oven that heats up to 1320º and can bake objects up to a height of almost 1 meter. It is really huge…
The oven is given to us by housing cooperative De Alliantie. It has been used by the Antillean / Amsterdam artist Nel Simon, who has created beautiful works of art with it and recently had to move to a home for the elderly. Now he can still use this oven, he lives in the neighborhood. And we are proud that we can invite newcomer and local artists to bake their stuff at our office. The oven will be operational from mid-September.

The transport from the oven to our office was also a kind of operation, subsidized by Stadsdeel Oost, Amsterdam East district. Many guys where needed to remove a large window pane, lift the oven outside and bring it to her new home. We thank Alliantie – mr. Alex Mollee and Stadsdeel Oost – mrs. Stephany van Veen for their highly appreciated generosity and their efforts.

Many thanks also to American professors Ian and Dharma MacColl. They gave us a super nice computer screen that they used during a workshop in the city.

This generous help, by companies, institutions and individuals, allows NAO to really grow and many people, newcomer artists, benefit from this.