This is my house

For everyone from 12 to 21 (approximately): we are doing a photography project and are looking for a few more participants.

The plan:
You will receive an analog photo camera for 10 days and we ask you to capture a part of your life, as a new Amsterdammer. That could be your house, your dad in the kitchen, the street where you live, things you like to watch, your friends at school. Anything that can give an image of your life. We’ll make a traveling exhibition of the photos.

First you’ll have a workshop by Vincent Vink. He is a young professional photographer and will talk about: his own work, how he became a photographer, about different and inspiring styles in photography and about basic knowledge for successful photography. We work in 2 groups, one with people from 12 to 16 years old and a group with those older than 16.

And then:
Take your camera home and shoot a few rolls of film in 10 days. We will have them developed and then we have a stack of “contact sheets”, where all the photos can be seen in small format. Together with Vincent you select the best photos, the ones you want to include in the exhibition. More about this project, also in Nederlands, Arabisch