Art of Inclusion Vernissage

On November 3rd, we greatly enjoyed the vernissage of Art of Inclusion in the residence of US Ambassador Mrs. Marja Verloop. Her opening words were warm.
Art is important to her, for sharing stories and insights.

The paintings of Noor Issa, Oussama Diab, Rabiea Alshikkador, Shorshvan Ibrahim and Talal Shkeifah fit wonderfully into this special atmosphere. Nice guests were present, with whom intense and cheerful conversations were held.

We feel proud and happy about this fruitful collaboration. It reflects true inclusion and genuine interest in what new art has to offer our society. And we hope all the Ambassador’s invitees in the coming months will enjoy the art as well.

Thank you, Marja. And big thanks to Jean Paul and his colleagues from the US Embassy for their efforts to realize this exhibition.