Yaser Najjar in the Paris Musée des Arts Décoratifs

The Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris gets a Dutch touch. Work by fashion designer Karim Adduchi and wood carver Yaser Najjar is shown in the exhibition “Marche et Démarche, une histoire de la chaussure”.

Adduchi and Najjar worked together in 2017 for the Pedestal Shoes, which were part of the “She has 99 names” collection. Adduchi collaborated with refugees and migrants on this collection. Najjar is a refugee from Syria who has been working as a woodcarver since he was fifteen. His family had a furniture company in Aleppo that was lost in the war. “I know from experience how hard it is to build your life in a new country,” Adduchi said. “I want to provide a platform for craft people. The challenge to connect traditional crafts with contemporary couture appeals to me a lot.”

The towering shoes have a gigantic wooden platform with decorations attached.
“The shoes are a commentary on patriarchal culture, where women are placed in an impossible position: on a pedestal or knocked down in the dust. Both positions offer women little freedom of movement.”

Thank you Caitlyn Terra – Fashion United, for sharing this news.
We are proud.

Here you can seen Yaser and his work during the presentation of “She has 99 names” in Amsterdam, 2017