Syrian Rally

A performance by Nasam Abboud and Yazan Maksoud.

“They are blinded by rusty masks of pain and sorrow, the people who struggle to not be noticed by anyone and seeking creative ways of concealment. Their race to get invisible more and more. Where there is no struggle in the oppressor’s face, but a struggle for him. Where revolutions became a platform for new monsters, for new slaves, for a false dream. No one wants to see the beauty of this reality. Because this is called weakness in their time.

This performance is a test of this sorrow, the pain of people whose dreams of freedom have been reduced to be a terrible reality. Do you have an idea about these people? You may not be one of them, how will you sense this experience? Wake up, get out of bullying and worn codes. Think of others as a propagation of you, Do to save this world. Come back to nature and wash the gloom of the journey, then tell me: how do you taste the freedom?”

Sunday 5 May, 4pm at NAO