From April 22th, Nasam Abboud and Yazan Maksoud offer you a weekly workshop in Drawing and Sculpture. Every Sunday afternoon, from 14:00 to 17:00, at NAO’s office in Amsterdam East.            
Dealing with your visual vision helps you to communicate with yourself, and recognize a creative character of your personality. The beauty is existing everywhere around us and visual skills may help us discover it more and more.

Within six sessions you will be guided in the subjects:
How to approve your creative thinking. Identify your tools and elements and how to use them. Development from a line to the sculpture mass. Professional Sketching and Sculpting your own artwork.

You are free to attend one or more lessons. But of course following the whole six part serial will give you the most output.
Costs: 45,- per lesson. Stadspas owners and students: 25,- per lesson.
For registration you can contact us here.