Ramez Al Junaidy

Archaeology student, Aleppo, Syria

This way of looking at art opened my eyes on how a single artwork can enable people to take charge in describing an artwork and allow them to form their own different opinions.
It defines to me that a look at an artwork, as also a look at a general situation in life or a professional issue, just differs to the view of the person next to me, which made me curious of why we all came to conclusions.
VTS&VT is an art in which people have fun, form their own opinions, allow maximum communication between each other and encourages them to get closer.


Abdullah Al Ahmad

English graduate, Aleppo, Syria

VT and VTS added much more fun to my experience with art and allowed me to look at an artwork through the eyes of a group of people observing that work carefully and sharing their opinions, thoughts and wonders, in a well-organized and neutrally facilitated dialogue.
These methods can be used to find more meaning and joy, looking at art individually and collectively, and I’d like to share this experience with others by facilitating conversations and workshops.


Waseem Helwani

Hospitality/business studies, Damascus, Syria

I didn’t know that one could draw such pleasure from looking at art. It’s fun and at some point mind blowing! The idea of thinking outside the box while observing or describing an art work drew my attention completely and got me curious to knowing more about a painting, to look beyond the obvious physical objects or colors, and that’s simply a beautiful higher perspective. I started to look at every artwork differently ever since. To look at art together with a group and facilitating these discussions is an experience that I would like to share and deliver, a privilege to connect with art at another level.


Azza Alragab

Civil engineer, Homs, Syria

I’m a mother of three and my husband is an artist. He loves art and my kids love drawing and painting. So I’m interested in the VTS&VT methods and I use them to practice with my children, to make them think deeply and discover the details in an artwork themselves. It’s a bright new experience to me and it is a pleasant and good one. It has enriched my common way to look at art, design and engineering and I would love to share this experience with you.


Ahmad Alojeil

Film director, Latakia, Syria

As a graduate film director I am really interested in working with these methods because it expands my imagination and it allows me to think in different ways.
Also it learns people, grownups and children, a new strategy of thinking. And this is exactly one of the most important things; learning how to think critically, creatively and independently is the way of building a new intelligent and sensible generation.


Ola Aleksandra Pawelec

Student History of Art, Cultural and Social Work, Warsaw, Poland

Living in Amsterdam for 5,5 years now, I love to create art (drawing and painting are my hobbies) and also just look at art and get inspired by it.  During my internship at Beeldmakers, I discovered Visual Thinking Strategies as a method of looking at and talking about art where no special knowledge or prior qualifications are required. It’s special to me because everybody can get in deep contact with a chosen artwork and discover more about himself and the others in the process while realizing and sharing that there’s more to see, than you initially expected. I’m assisting in the development of the Re•Look project at Newest Art Organization and I’m looking forward to also be your host, at our workshops.


Michal Butink

Founder and educator Beeldmakers and Het Atelier AZC
VTS & VT facilitator & coach, Amsterdam

I experienced that looking at a painting unites, when everyone is heard without being judged. To look, together at a painting shows us how different we are, but in this instance our differences do not set us apart, but unite us because there is no judgement. Looking without judging is beneficial for our social health, our society, almost like a harmonizing medicine. It’s been a great pleasure to train and guide the facilitators for this project and for me all elements of Visual Thinking Strategies and Visible Thinking that are important to me, come amazingly together in the project ReLook.