From the end of November, Maisa Alhafez will start a new Mosaic Choir, based in Amsterdam and open for anyone who newly arrived in the Netherlands. Locals are also welcome, of course. Professional or amateur musicians can join.

Mosaic Choir
is an integration project, using music as a therapy and building an appreciation for diversity by sharing different cultures, singing many languages and touring around the world with full harmony. It’s more than a choir, its a family from everywhere, all ages, all languages, all background.
Heart is our land, voice is our passport and peace is our destination.
You definitely want to join!

You don’t need to:
• have a perfect voice, as long as you can carry on tune
• speak other languages, since all songs will be written in Latin letters in an easy way
• read music sheet, we will provide you with record so you can listen and learn to sing by ear not by reading music notes

You only need to:
• write a little text about yourself and register your name at:
• attend our weekly rehearsals and be open to our cool new songs

Maisa el Hafez
 is a musician, pianist, guitarist, singer, composer, and music therapist. Founder and conductor of Mosaic Oriental Choir in Istanbul and the founder of the Tomorrow is Better foundation, bridging Oriental and classical western music in music activities using music, voices and other rhythmic games as a therapy, conflict transformation/peace building.