ART AT WORK helps creative new citizens of Amsterdam to start work, study and participation. Art is both the subject, the tool and the means to reach this aim.

We are offering three courses, leading to:

Course 1

A livelihood in the arts or crafts (self-employed or employed), as well as preparation for a relevant college education (HBO / MBO).

For artists, craftsmen and women, media wizards and other creatives.

Course 2

Training for Visual Thinking Strategies and Visual Thinking facilitator. You will be trained to facilitate guided tours in museums and privately for companies and organizations.

VTS and VT are methodologies developed at MoMa and Harvard that stimulate observation skills, critical thinking and creativity by watching art. You teach your clients to carefully look at art and become better at observation, argumentation, reasoning and interpretation.

For everybody with an interest in art and with an appreciation of ‘creative thinking’.

Course 3

Art on the ground: working in Urban Agriculture, Community & Edible Gardens, Aquaponics, Food Education and Green Business Models. Aim: to become self-employed or find a job in this field.

For food growers and greenies wanting to work in Urban Gardens, Education or Local Food.

We offer workshops with topics as: communication and networking, pricing artworks, selling your product, subsidies and funding, financial management, taxes and entrepreneurship. And also on: gender, cross-cultural sensitivity and leadership.

Workshops are at: Beeldmakers, Ubuntu Stadstuin, Oost Indisch Groen, Broedplaats Fenix and Pakhuis de Zwijger. Our home office is at De Plaatsmakerij in Amsterdam West.

A reasonable fluency in either English or Dutch is useful in the courses 1 and 3. For course 2, however, such fluency (in English) is a requirement.

All courses are custom-made and take 2 days of study/work per week, sometimes in evenings or weekends. You will be giving workshops yourself too, to residents, school pupils and companies. The program starts in May 2017, however you can sign up later in the year as well. The program ends in March 2018.

You can apply by writing an email to, stating your motivation and background. Following that, we will have a conversation with a cup of coffee, to discuss what course will be most suitable for you.