The principle of equality for everyone, building life as a (un) documented migrant or refugee in the Netherlands – just like anyone else – often clashes with society and reality as we know it. There are groups in society that have no or insufficient access to all their basic rights, are excluded from the cultural life in the Netherlands, in Europe and in the world. That is why we want to start a ‘space’ where the right to create is central for everyone, within the design & creative communication domain.

From January 2022 on we investigate the connections between creativity, equality and social human rights (the access to work and banking for example). We do this through discussions, research, analyses and present our findings during a symposium. This end phase serves as a starting point for establishing a ‘real’ public communication company. The agency, working title ‘the right to create communication’ or ‘access denied agency’, will consist of a team of creatives, makers and thinkers from different backgrounds, with and without status.

Update 2023: The team is working together, separately of Newest Art Foundation. Contact the Access Agency for more information

This project was funded by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie