Margins | Poetry

We invite you to visit Margins, a poetry event organized by Ranwa Alamsi for Perdu on Nov. 27 and Dec. 4

Real life happens in the margins, just outside the image of what camera lenses frame as ‘important’. The Arab world is — and has been — the scenery of a number of such ‘important’ events. Many camera lenses, eyes, and poems have been directed towards it. Meanwhile, however, there is movement in the margins.

At te centre of this Avond, titled Margins, are the marginalized stories, the transient things, and subdued events in time that we believe need to be heard and written about. This movement in the margins is captured in poems by Yasser Al-Zayat from Egypt, Ranwa Alamsi from Bahrain, and Wafai Laila from Syria.
Join us as they perform their work in Arabic*.
*Translated to Dutch by Nisrine Mbarki and Jalila Hida.
As Ranwa says: Only if you are lucky, your poetry will be translated by a poet.

لابد أن تكون محظوظًا، حتى تحظى بفرصة أن يترجم شعركَ، شاعرًا.

You can order your tickets at Perdu and show the performers that you will attend the event right here.