Echte Dromen • 24H Oost

NAO wants to show something special during 24H East. How communication is incredibly important, within families and groups of friends who have ended up in a diaspora and are therefore separated from each other. How ideas, dreams and new experiences are shared directly via social media. And how art participates in this.

In this exhibition, a world of dreams and memories unfolds that is strange and familiar. With work by Iman Shaaban (DEU), Kinda Arshied (LBN), Sara Khayat (TUR), Ward Zaraa (SWE) and Abeer Al Khalifa (BHR).

There is direct contact with the artists via skype. And there is the possibility to return your own dream image! Canvas and paint are ready and there is guidance from Amsterdams’ newest artists.

Saturday 26 October • from 12 to 4pm