Dialectic Of Trinity • PAX

Last month we enjoyed the official opening of the Quiet Room at PAX, Netherlands’ famous peace organization.
Yazan Maksoud made the sculpture that centers the space, Nasam Abboud wrote the poem that accompanies the artwork. And an extensive NAO team took care of the new interior design of the space. We have heard beautiful words, from Mgr. Joris Vercammen, the archbishop of Utrecht, who was clearly and movingly inspired by Nasam’s lines of poetry about contemplating, by the words of PAX-leader Jan Gruiters and by Ineke Bakker, chairlady of the IKV (the organization that made realization of the entire project possible). It is something strange. Refugee artists create a special space for a +100 group of Dutch people who work every day, all year round, on peace, a better world. We are very impressed. We are very impressed. Of all the people who have gathered in this ceremony. With big thanks to Edwin Ruigrok, who brought us all together.

The artists and cooperators:
Yazan Maksoud – Dialectic of Trinity, Nasam Abboud – The Thunder of Our Wings,
Mohamad Badenjki, Sholeh Rezazadeh, Abdullah al Ahmad, Abed Azariah, Izzat Alserafi, Ahmed Khlasy, Johan Luif, Jaap Klijnstra, Geke Oosterhof, Ann Cassano.