Six foundations hold Bunq-bank responsible for internetfraude due to faulty security procedures.

Our foundation, with inclusive projects for refugees and especially our biggest European project ‘Enter to Transform’ got a real blow by the hack of our Bunq account last year.

Meanwhile, we have been trying to get in touch with Bunq about our situation, to meet and discuss, but they never replied adequately and don’t take any responsibly for their flimsy safety-procedures. They blamed us. The hack nearly toppled our foundation, but thanks to financial support (a loan with very friendly terms, for a limited period of time) we can continue with our inclusive projects for now.

Our foundation should rely on Bunq for safe warning systems. We are the client. It is baffling, and worrisome at the same time, that suspicious banking activities on Bunq-accounts are not detected by their systems. Unfortunately proven, this is the case with Bunq bank.

After consultation with other duped foundations and with our lawyer – who now takes on the case on behalf of seven foundations that have become victims of Bunq hacking – the media became interested in our experiences with Bunq. We are sure we are not the only ones suffering from bank fraud via Bunq.

If you want to know more, share your experiences or want to cooperate, contact our board:

RTL Article Friday 8 July 2022