We are very happy with the news that we got new subsidies, new tools and collaborations.
The European Union honored us with a grant, through leading partner University of Twente and together with partners in France, Ireland and Germany, for setting up new hubs in these countries that will guide and support newcomers in setting up their own business. Dutch co-partners / advisors to Newest Art Organization are: World Makers Foundation, Open Embassy, Finc. for Migrants and Welcome App.
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MAEX Amsterdam has provided a subsidy for the installation of three-phase power for our large ceramic oven. Artists, ceramists -> make your wishes known!

Fonds voor Oost honored our application for the art project This is our house. About: young newcomers who register their Amsterdam environment with analogue cameras. It will lead to an intriguing exhibition, along with photos previously taken by young people in refugee camps in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Netherlands.
What is a house? Where can it be? How many houses will I have? What is home?