Are you an artist, baker, hairdresser, or looking for something new in life?

Maybe you’re really good at something, and you’re ready to build a business around that skill. Or you think being self-employed is for you, but still have to figure out exactly what your business should be about.

Enter to Transform

We’re starting a new program for newcomers who wish to start their own business. The whole program will take about a year, starting with an intense training in February 2022. During this 3-month entrepreneurship training you will learn everything you need to know to start up. Think of fine-tuning your business idea, marketing, financing, but also the specific Dutch rules and regulations that might be more tricky if you haven’t lived here all your life.

Starting safe

As soon as you are ready, you can start your business activities under the umbrella of our cooperative. This makes it safer to first try out your idea, without having to give up any welfare benefits right away. Only once your business can provide you with a steady income, you’ll register your business and be on your own.
For the whole duration of the program you’ll receive mentoring and are welcome on our events – to continue to learn more and build your network. It takes longer than 3 months to build and grow a business, so we want to support you even after the training is completed.

What it takes

It’s free to participate in the program. However, we do ask for you to show up and dedicate your time. The training will start in the spring 2022, two days a week, for 3 months. (more exact dates soon!) Once you have completed the training you can continue to build you business with support of our coaches.


Most of the training will be in Dutch. However, English has become more and more important in many sectors, particularly the creative sector. Therefore we will also offer some support in English and possibly use English content when that’s most relevant.
Are you worried language might be an issue? Don’t let it hold you back. Before we admit you, we’ll assess your language levels and look together at what’s possible and best for you. Maybe now is the time to really work on increasing your language skills!

We are

Enter to Transform is organized in the Netherlands by Newest Art Organization and The World Makers Foundation. Both of these organizations have a history of working with artists, crafts(wo)men and other creatives.

Enter to Transform in NL is part of a larger, international project. There are similar activities in France, Germany and Ireland. As we develop the programs, we also look at how we can support each other and exchange knowledge and networks with the other countries. Stakeholders can read more here.

Stay informed

Right now we’re working really hard to get everything in place to start the programs early in the new year. We’ll be sharing more and more information as we have it, here and through our other channels. If you like to know more, follow us and keep up to date. Or send a short email to so we can put you on our mailing list. That way you’ll be the first to know when there’s news!

Look here for upcoming information events.

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