Rabiea Alshikkador

Salamiyah, 1994

In 2017 I had to flee Syria after I graduated from dentistry school. During the time I was a refugee I experienced the very basic refuge trip to Europe. I feel grateful for the fact that I made it but I could not keep the darkness of that period away from my head. This work is not only about me. This is for my brothers and sisters still stuck in a refugee camp. For whom lost the light from inside. I tried in this work to reflect completely on my psychological status during the period after I fled home. As soon as i did that, i got a very strong feeling that I was not alone. And that my pain was so big that there are millions holding it inside. Now, this pain motivates me to paint about the reality in Syria and the common traumas that most refugees have been through. I want to face this general toxic energy that we all feel.